At Dor Stocker Tattoos, we can create customised tattoos as per your requirements.  Dor Stocker is a professional sponsored artist and is sponsored by Tattooland Supplies UK.
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Superior-quality tattoos by experienced professionals

We are based out of Bexleyheath, but we also welcome customers from Bexley and Bromley. From traditional Japanese tattoos to realistic portraits, we can create the tattoo of your choice. If you wish to have the name of a loved one tattooed, we can help you with that too.   Appointments can be made by visiting us in person, by phone or via email.  All appointments will require a deposit which comes off the cost of the tattoo.
Sometimes we can offer walk ins but we recommend always making an appointment.

Do you need help with tattoo aftercare? Talk to one of our team members for advice. Whether you need advice on the type of moisturiser to use or assistance with cover-ups, our team is equipped to take care anything you need. Contact us for more information. If you have any other questions, send in your enquiry or take a look at our FAQs.   
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Friendly and relaxed environment 

Our main priority is to ensure that you have a wonderful tattooing experience. We try to create a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere. 
We also ensure that our studio is kept clean and all the equipment is sanitised before every use. 

Our friendly and relaxed nature is what makes us the preferred choice across Bromley and Bexley.
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We specialise in:

  • Japanese tattoos
  • Realism tattoos
  • Religious tattoos
  • Colour tattoos
  • Black and grey tattoos
  • Portrait tattoos
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Custom tattoos
  • Tattoo sleeves
  • Full body suits

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Meet our artists

At our studio, you will find talented artists who are passionate about their art. Dor Stocker is the head tattooist and founder of Dor Stocker Tattoos. From tattoo sleeves to portraits, he can create bespoke designs as per your specifications. 
Georgie Hilton is Dor's very talented apprentice and resident artist, she enjoys doing many various styles.  Get in touch with our team for tailor-made tattoos or commissioned artwork prints.

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For bespoke tattoo designs, contact the team at Dor Stocker Tattoos on 020 8303 0198.
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