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Have traditional tattoos designed by the experts in Bexleyheath

Do you have a tattoo design in mind? The artists at Dor Stocker Tattoos can design and create the tattoo of your choice. If you have any questions regarding the work we do, check our list of frequently asked questions. If you would like any more information, feel free to send us an enquiry. We also welcome visits from our customers in Bexley and Bromley. 
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Frequently asked questions:

I’m thinking about getting a tattoo. Do you have any advice for me?

Many people are getting tattooed at the moment, to be part of the fashionable elite or to copy their favourite celebrity. People who get fad tattoos often regret it when the fad is over. Personally, I have seen many trends come and go and my advice is to look a little deeper. Rather than getting names or clubs or band names, why not get something a little more personal or something vague? With many people this works best in the long run. Tattooing is a unique opportunity for self-expression. Use it wisely.

How do I book an appointment? Can I do it online?

Bookings can be made in person, by phone, online via email or social media, with the deposit being taken by card over the phone or in the studio. The deposit will usually be around £100, which is taken off the cost of the tattoo. 

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

We have a strict over 18 policy. You must be over 18 years of age and have a valid ID (driving licence or passport). If we’re not convinced that you’re over 18 or you have no ID, then no tattoo.

But my parent or guardian said I could get one and said they’d accompany me!

That’s not a question and it’s still no. We do not perform tattoos on people who are younger than 18 years of age and if you find someone who will do it for you, firstly, I would suggest you think twice and secondly, they would be breaking the law as it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

Do you have any rules regarding the studio?

Yes! Please respect the rules in a tattoo studio. The rules are - no smoking, no kids and no booze. You need to also make a note of the deposit policy. These rules may seem petty, but they are there for a reason. Show some respect and you’ll get some back. Plus, mobile phones to be switched off at all times in the working area.

Do you accept debit cards, credit cards or PayPal?

Card payment is accepted for deposits, but the payment of the tattoo is to be made in cash only.

What is your hygiene policy?

As previously stated, it’s our policy to uphold the high standards of work and hygiene that you would come to expect to find in the new millennium, without ever forgetting the customs and traditions of our noble art form’s past. Our hygiene policy is what you would expect to find in any tattoo studio.

All equipment is used once and disposable, with all immediate surfaces disinfected thoroughly. Also, a certificate showing registration with the local health authority should be on display. If it is not, walk out!

If in doubt about the hygiene procedure in any studio, don’t be shy, ask! If a tattooist or staff member at a studio is not willing to explain how things are done, including us, walk out and find someone who will!

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Contact Dor Stocker Tattoos on 020 8303 0198 for contemporary or traditional tattoos. We serve clients from Bexleyheath and Bromley. 
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